target goal

We are really, really, really happy to announce that we have met and surpassed our goal of $430,000.

This has been a true team effort involving:

  • Our great campaign co-chairs Even and Anne Brande. They have been our greatest cheerleaders.
  • Our board members who give so generously of their time and their pocketbooks.
  • Our campaign volunteers who help us with planning presentations, stuffing envelopes, and so much more.
  • Our member agencies and especially their executive directors who all ran employee campaigns and helped us make over 80 employee presentations across Laramie,
  • And all our fabulous donors – over 1000 – who helped us raise a record amount of money that will make Laramie a much, much better place to live.

Thanks to you all!

VITA Tax Schedule Posted

The schedule for the 2015 VITA tax program has been posted on our Event Calendar.

All VITA clinics are staffed by IRS-certified volunteers.  The program is completely free, and is available to households that make $55,000 or less.

Volunteers for the VITA Tax Program should email volunteer@unitedwayalbanycounty.org with any questions or concerns.

VITA Volunteers should also have a ServiceSpark account in order to track volunteer hours.  To receive emails about being scheduled for VITA clinics, make sure you add “VITA Tax Volunteer” to your ServiceSpark profile under skills.


Service Opportunity!



Looking for a way to be of service in Albany County? We are nearing the annual Homeless Task Force Point in Time survey of people who are homeless in Albany County. There will be a training and dinner at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 27 at St. Paul’s Newman Center, and the survey will take place the following day, August 28th. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to efortenberry@unitedwayalbanycounty.org so we can sign you up! Thanks to our sponsors ANB Bank, First Interstate Bank, and the Rotary Club of Laramie.





New Agency Added!

Wyoming 2-1-1 has just become our 15th member agency.  Wyoming 2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that connects callers, at no cost, to information about critical health and human services available in communities around Wyoming.

Announcing Civique for WordPress

Civique 0.5 Screenshot

Screenshot of Civique for WordPress

We are pleased to release a free open-source theme for WordPress designed specifically for non-profit organizations.  Civique is extremely customizable, and contains utilities to make non-profit fundraising and reporting a breeze.  You can download Civique for WordPress from our Open Source page.


  • Extremely Customizable
    use the WordPress Appearance Customization menu to customize virtually every aspect of Civique’s appearance, including colors, header images, logos, and more.
  • Powerful for Non-Profits
    Civique includes utilities that make it extremely easy for your non-profit to fund raise and report on your activity.  Easily include a run-down of recent IRS 990 information with the civique_summary shortcode.
  • Truly Free
    Civique is free to use, modify, redistribute and repurpose as your organization requires.  It is licensed under the MIT License, but any derivative products and licenses must comply with GPLv2.
  • Built on WordPress
    Civique is built on WordPress and makes great use of WordPress’s easy-to-use post editors so that you don’t need an IT person to help you maintain and edit your website.

You can also view the GitHub repository.

Introducing ServiceSpark, a hub for community service

ServiceSpark Screenshot

ServiceSpark.org screenshot

We’re very pleased to announce ServiceSpark, a new tool that we hope will energize community service in the Albany County area.  ServiceSpark is a website that allows community organizers to find and post volunteer opportunities, as well as allowing community volunteers to track their time spent in community service.

ServiceSpark can be accessed at https://www.servicespark.org

ServiceSpark is another one of our Open Source projects.  The source code for ServiceSpark is available for free under the MIT License.  You are free to use, modify, and redistribute ServiceSpark as required by you and your organization.

If you are an organization in the community that would like to use ServiceSpark to track volunteer time, please contact servicespark@unitedwayalbanycounty.org for assistance getting enrolled.