United Way of Albany County

Pacesetters and Leadership


Pacesetters and leadership have always had a huge impact on United Way campaigns. We could not achieve our annual goals without their generosity.

2021 Pacesetters



A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Snowy Range Vision, Dodd’s Shoes, Pairing by Chalk N Cheese

2021 Campaign Leadership

What are pacesetters and leadership?

A pacesetter is a business that gives at least $2,000 to United Way either through donations, employee payroll deduction, and/or community wide events. While, leadership is any individual that donates at least $750 to United Way. These groups go out of their way to build a strong and resilient Albany County community. We cannot thank them enough!

Your donation will be recognized and celebrated throughout the community during the campaign and the coming year.


Want to be a part of leadership or become a pacesetter? Donate to United Way or contact us at 307-745-8643 to learn about other ways to to support!