Albany County

Our Programs

Homeless Task Force

Pics from Jan 2015 PiT
Pictures taken by Sally Palmer during the January 2015 Point-in-Time Survey

The United Way is taking the lead in examining the issue of homelessness in Albany County. The task force meets monthly and is open to all concerned citizens. It has conducted three Point-in-Time surveys of people who are homeless in Albany County in order to gather some baseline data on what homelessness looks like in our community as well as reasons why people are homeless. Contact us for more information on time and place of the monthly meeting.


United Way of Albany County co-sponsors the Albany County VITA program at the Albany County Public Library. Trained volunteers prepare tax returns for low- and moderate-income families during tax season. This is a free service.

Open Source Software

Several software solutions developed for the United Way of Albany County are available for deployment in your own non-profit organizations. Source code is provided free of charge under the MIT License at GitHub.