Albany County, WY

Our Programs


Community Impact Cooperative of Albany County

United Way oversees and supports the Community Impact Cooperative (CIC) of Albany County. The CIC consists of residents who are passionate about community health and wellness. The CIC works with local non-profits and local government to promote and improve the overall wellness of our community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

VITA – Free Tax Program

United Way of Albany County co-sponsors the Albany County VITA program with the University of Wyoming. Trained volunteers prepare tax returns for low- and moderate-income families during tax season. This is a free service.

Open Source Software

Several software solutions developed for the United Way of Albany County are available for deployment in your own non-profit organizations. Source code is provided free of charge under the MIT License at GitHub.

Emergency Response

United Way of Albany County has Emergency Funds to provide financial support to local nonprofits and government agencies for emergency expenses. Our social services nonprofits, which make up the core of our Laramie Community, provide for many basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. The fund we have created, provides micro-grants to local nonprofits with these emergency expenses.