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Applebee’s Fundraiser

Dine at Applebee’s Thursday, September 22nd, and 10% of your ticket will be donated to United Way! Grab a friend and head to to 3209 Grand Ave… Eat great food and support making Albany County a healthier, safer, more educated community

Laramie Colts Batting Challenge!

Bat like a Laramie Colt while supporting United Way of Albany County! Sign up to bat against a Colts pitcher at their June Tournament June 11 and June 12, 2016 between their double headers Batter will get three practice pitches, then do a real at-bat against one of our pitchers. Limit is 5 batters per day. You’ll: […]

New Online Giving Options

United Way of Albany County donors have always had the option of online giving, but not always a lot of choice in how to give. Now that’s changed! Donors can now designate their gifts to go to one or more specific agencies, and also still have the option of giving to our general community fund. […]

End-of-season VITA Tax Results

Tax season is now over. Our VITA tax program e-filed 672 current year federal returns, 59 state returns, and an additional 40 past year returns. We have also helped people file an additional 30 paper returns and completed 25 amended returns. Total federal refunds are $832,478 and state refunds are $12,611. Using an average of […]


We are really, really, really happy to announce that we have met and surpassed our goal of $430,000. This has been a true team effort involving: Our great campaign co-chairs Even and Anne Brande. They have been our greatest cheerleaders. Our board members who give so generously of their time and their pocketbooks. Our campaign volunteers […]

VITA Tax Schedule Posted

The schedule for the 2015 VITA tax program has been posted on our Event Calendar. All VITA clinics are staffed by IRS-certified volunteers.  The program is completely free, and is available to households that make $55,000 or less. Volunteers for the VITA Tax Program should email with any questions or concerns. VITA Volunteers should […]