Albany County

End of year giving for 2021

Dear Neighbor,

When we chose to help, to contribute, to reach out, that’s when we create change in Albany County. One moment of compassion and generosity makes it possible for anyone in our community to recover from a crisis, rebuild from a loss, and reimagine a new kind of future.

This December, when you give to United Way of Albany County, you will help people change their lives. Together we can:

Create strong starts for children

Through early education programs like Laramie Head Start, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Developmental Preschool and Daycare, we ensure all kids have access to a high-quality education.

Provide safe homes and warm meals

We’re increasing our support for community members experiencing homelessness and hunger, especially as the need increased during COVID-19 and has remained high this year. Albany County SAFE, Family Promise, Laramie Soup Kitchen, and Laramie Interfaith continue to support those most in need.

Give more adults educational support and community connections

The right training and community support can help more people get hired, improve financial stability, and create a stronger connection to place. In 2021, My Front Door, Eppson Center for Seniors, and Wyoming 211 supported individuals in furthering their career goals, becoming homeowners, and connecting to needed services. All helped make our local economy stronger.

Increase access to health care

Resources like Ark Regional Services, Downtown Clinic, Hospice of Laramie, and Laramie Reproductive Health provided countless residents with connections to critical health services and care in 2021. Every person in our community should have access to what they need to have a stable, healthy life—to thrive, rather than just to survive.

…and so much more. Are you ready to create change? Join the 419 community members and 72 local businesses who have supported United Way so far in 2021. Make a donation to United Way of Albany County today.

With deepest gratitude,

Evelyn Edson

Executive Director

P.S. You may be eligible for a charitable deduction in 2021. For most single filers, up to $300 in donations to charity are deductible. For most couples filing jointly, up to $600 in donations is deductible. If you have already given this year to United Way of Albany County, thank you for your support.

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