Albany County

COVID-19 Relief Fund Update

COVID-19 Statement from the United Way of Albany County

April 28, 2020: The past 6 weeks have put incredible strains on our community, state and country.  We feel it everyday in the loss of business, personal contact with loved ones, sense of security and well-being, and so much more.  We feel it if we have friends who have gotten sick or even lost loved ones.  

Here at the United Way we have tried to our best to respond to all these changes.  We quickly set up a relief fund, and immediately started making grants to local non-profits and governmental agencies like the school district and the public library.  Because of the incredible generosity of our community, we have managed to raise over $170,000 to date for Covid-19 relief.  We have already made over 50 grants.  Here are a few examples.

  • Family Promise received a $1,000 grant to place homeless families in motel rooms.  Homeless shelters around the country are now virus hotspots, but thankfully here in Laramie that is not a problem because of the quick thinking of the folks at Family Promise and the funds granted by the United Way.
  • The Downtown Clinic received two grants totaling $1000 to buy masks and medicines.
  • Interfaith has received multiple grants including one for $500 to house a confirmed Coronavirus patient in a motel, so that this person could self-isolate.
  • The school district has received numerous grants totaling well over $1000 to help the families of students who are facing economic hardship because of lost employment.  

All of this is possible because our community has responded to our pleas for assistance.  To date, we have received just under 200 donations large and small. We cannot thank you enough. Thank you to our Funding Partners. Our Funding Partners include:

First Interstate Bank and the First Interstate Bank Foundation

Blue Federal Credit Union

Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union

UniWyo Federal Credit Union

ANB Bank

Wells Fargo Bank and the Wells Fargo Bank Foundation

Tri-State G&T


Small Business Administration

Despite all of our initial success, we are planning for the long haul.  Until there is adequate testing, a cure and/or a vaccine, which according to all credible reports is many months away, this will be here for quite a while, meaning our work has just begun.    

If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, you can donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund here.