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Announcing Civique for WordPress

Civique 0.5 Screenshot
Screenshot of Civique for WordPress

We are pleased to release a free open-source theme for WordPress designed specifically for non-profit organizations.  Civique is extremely customizable, and contains utilities to make non-profit fundraising and reporting a breeze.  You can download Civique for WordPress from our Open Source page.


  • Extremely Customizable
    use the WordPress Appearance Customization menu to customize virtually every aspect of Civique’s appearance, including colors, header images, logos, and more.
  • Powerful for Non-Profits
    Civique includes utilities that make it extremely easy for your non-profit to fund raise and report on your activity.  Easily include a run-down of recent IRS 990 information with the civique_summary shortcode.
  • Truly Free
    Civique is free to use, modify, redistribute and repurpose as your organization requires.  It is licensed under the MIT License, but any derivative products and licenses must comply with GPLv2.
  • Built on WordPress
    Civique is built on WordPress and makes great use of WordPress’s easy-to-use post editors so that you don’t need an IT person to help you maintain and edit your website.

You can also view the GitHub repository.